CDC STD infection rates 2013

Do these statistics scare you? They should.

Something has got to change because Sex Education in America blows. Not just for teenagers, for everyone. The World Heath Organization even finds this frustrating, “Sexually transmitted infections, and other reproductive tract infections cause substantial disease, death, and misery, but not, apparently, enough for societies to overcome the stigma and prejudice that prevents investments in effective control measures.”

We teach kids how to drive cars so they will be safe and responsible drivers, but we won’t teach them anything useful about sex. Why – when it’s just as vital to their health and safety? These spoofs on “if we taught driver’s ed like how we teach sex ed” and “we wouldn’t teach a history class that isn’t historically accurate” illustrate just how ridiculous current sex education classes are:

It has been shown that when young people are given a comprehensive education about sex they don’t have more sexual partners than those that don’t receive sex education, rather sex education programs help delay the onset of sexual behavior, and when they do begin having sex the educated kids use condoms more often, have fewer unplanned pregnancies, and contract fewer STDs. Just look at the charts below from Mississippi (which system promotes abstinence-only sex ed) vs. the U.S. average:



So what are we waiting for? Even abstinence-only programs can still make positive changes; see how one small town in South Carolina is turning around their teen birth rates here.

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– Keeley & Nikita

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