Surrender Date


When you want to mix up dinner-and-a-movie nights, try a surrender date. Surrender dates are fun for newer and more established couples. The idea comes from Dr. Laura Berman’s show, Sexual Healing; no matter what concerns a couple had, she suggested they go on a surrender date to learn how to relax and trust that one person would be able to take care of both people’s needs.

The rules are simple, whichever person is made the leader will take responsibility by:

– Making all the decisions, and planning all the arrangements

– Choosing what the other person wears (Everything! Shoes and accessories, too)

– Picking out what the other person eats

And the other person must surrender by:

– Not asking too many questions

– Giving up control and trusting their parter to take care of their needs!

Partners can alternate as leader/ surrenderer. This is a rough guideline, there is a lot of room for creativity. It can be a great opportunity to explore something you or your partner has always wanted to try, or show your partner just how well you know them.

– Nikita