Body Image Mindfulness

Exploring human sexuality inevitably leads to a discussion around body image. We need and want our bodies to feel pleasure, yet we judge, shame, think and say awful things about them.

So many of the images we see in the media are doctored beyond belief, and we all feel the pressure to look “perfect” (if we could only conclude what that is). I have heard it all- “I think I’m too skinny, too fat, too big here, or there, and over here. I have too much hair, not enough hair, my chest looks weird, my nipples are in different places, my penis bends to the left. My knees bend in more than other people, my feet go out at a weird angle. My nose is too big, my eyes are too small. I don’t look normal!” or do I?

I would like to try a social experiment with this post. For one week after reading this, I want to invite you to change the way you view your body. Most of us view our bodies in 2 ways – how we think other people see us or how we see ourselves. We judge ourselves constantly! For this next week, instead of letting the judge run you, ask yourself “what does it feel like inside my body.” Move your body around and see what’s happening inside of it. Connect with one thing you are grateful for in that moment that your body is offering you.

Often we are so consumed with our thoughts about how we “should” look, we forget to feel the pleasure that our bodies bring us. If you are having a difficult time feeling different parts, stretching, pulsing, or touching these parts is a great way to bring awareness to them. You can do this experiment at any time, anywhere.

Get out from under the critical mean judge and feel inside. Let’s get real, you wouldn’t say these mean awful things to your lover, or your best friend. So why would you say them to yourself?

We are curious to know how your week goes and how your perception on your body changed over the week.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

– Keeley

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