Understanding Your Sexuality with the Beiter Sexuality Preference Indicator (BSPI)

The Beiter Sexuality Preference Indicator (BSPI) was developed by Dr. John Beiter as a communications tool to help individuals understand what their sexual preferences are in their sexual relationships. It also was intended to provide a starting point or comfortable means for openly discussing one’s own sexuality.

Dr. Beiter stated on his site, “I have learned through the years in clinical practice that many individuals regardless of age have difficulty and struggle with being able to identify and communicate their own sexual tendencies, which may prevent a deeper level of sexual connection. The BSPI© delves into four broad categories into how individuals group common aspects of one’s own sexuality. The categories include:

Partner Orientation – defined as the ways in which a person likes to initiate or be initiated into sexual activity;

Arousal – defined as the ways in how one gets “in the mood” for sexual activity;

Pleasure – defined as the ways in which an individual experiences sexual energy in their intimate relationships; and

Routine – as defined as the ways in which you like to experience your sexual encounters.

The results may intrigue you or confirm what you already knew. To get the most out of the BSPI©, you are encouraged to share your preferences with your sexual partner to gain an understanding of each other in a way that promotes a healthier and deeper level of sexual intimacy.”

After filling out the survey, which takes 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll end up with a sexuality profile (a couple variations are below). Overall, I had fun filling out the survey, learned a little more about myself, and would recommend checking it out. You may find it interesting to take the survey now and then again in a few years to see how your sexuality and preferences have evolved.

– Nikita

Sexual profile 2012 Sexual profile 2013