Njoy Sex Toys


Njoy makes my favorite sex toy; when I went on their website this morning to write up my personal review, this one by JamYe WaXman of Sex Matters popped up: “Like Kathy Bates in Misery, I am a number one fan. I came, I saw, I squirted.”

It is fitting for the type of energy I want to convey about his toy. What is so great about the Njoy products? They are cast in 316 grade stainless steel (also called marine grade stainless, used primarily for its increased resistance to corrosion) and hand polished for a perfect shine. Steel does not easily corrode, is easily cleaned and is non-porous (therefore there is no place for bacteria to live). Sharing this toy with your lover or friends is a breeze. Just grab some alcohol wipes and the toy is ready to be used again.

Their toys could be misinterpreted as works of art, so no hurry to hide them when you have guests over. The steel creates a heavy weight and smooth silk like texture to the touch.  This is my favorite part to the toy that I believe sets it apart from the rest. And a little lubricant goes a long way.

njoy pure wand

My favorite model they have out right now is the Pure Wand.  This toy is probably most enjoyed by someone who likes strong G-spot stimulation. The angle of the toy is such that is gives you a great angle to play with when you are all alone and is large enough for your partner to get their hands fully around it to better stimulate you with.

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– Keeley