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I recently watched the trailer for the movie Unhung Hero and cannot shake the message. This young man asked his girlfriend to marry him on live television at a sporting game, she said “no” apparently because the size of his cock. The man then goes on a journey around the world to understand more about penis size. If you are a man and reading this, I imagine this nightmare has crossed your mind once or twice. There are creams, ointments, stretching devices, pumps, and surgical methods that say they will make you BIGGER!

The amazing folks as Science of Relationships compiled research around the penis size topic and found that men are far more concerned about the size of their cock then women are. Surveys have indicated that 65% of gay men and 55% of heterosexual men are satisfied with the size, but that leaves a huge number of people who are dissatisfied. Of the dissatisfied, less than 2% of the men wished to be a smaller size whereas all the others desired to be LARGER! One interesting part of this study, was they found that men who wished to be larger, were often average size.

When exploring how women feel about the size of their partners penis, only 14% reported a desire for their partners cock to be a larger size. Interesting enough, 2% wished their partner had a smaller cock. Men’s Health conducted a study surveying 3,289 women on how happy they are with their sex lives, only 7% of sexually satisfied women said that penis size was critical to their pleasure. What is the message here: men are more concerned about the size of their penis then woman.

It has been hypothesized that one reasons for this might be the size of the cocks that are showcased in porn. The average cock in porn is 8 inches. According to Mark Simpson, a UK journalist and author who coined the term “metrosexual,” this pressure begins with porn: “Young men grow up watching almost infinite amounts of online porn in which the ‘star’ of the show is a large penis. And porn is really just the hardcore version of the increasingly visual culture that we’re now immersed in.”

What is the average size? To be exact, the average length seems to be between 5.65″ and 5.87″. The average circumference (girth) between 4.67″ and 4.97″. Both depend on how you interpret the data. The Soft/ Hard Gallery shows just how much variety there is with a series of flaccid and erect photos. Mr. Average is another great resource for men that are looking to learn more about average and get straight forward facts about penis size. On their homepage they write : “Did someone say that size doesn’t matter? I think that the evidence suggests otherwise.”

Maybe it isn’t that important to women. I’m convinced that there are plenty of things further up their list of priorities, though it would be more convincing if they didn’t make so many jokes about it . What is for certain though, is that size definitely matters to the owner.

So, what is the take away? Size matters to men, and only matters to some women. Celeste & Danielle wrote a great blog about why some women like a larger size cock. For the man whose proposal got turned down because of his small member, I’m sorry! It sounds like you dodged a bullet if she chose to not be with you just because of your size (although I doubt that was all that was keeping her from saying yes). And if it was, I feel sorry for her because you can always buy penis extensions, and they work right on the spot. If you are into a large phallus and find that the one you love is not well endowed, check out Perfect Extension on the online store Adam & Eve, it’s gotten great reviews.

– Keeley

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