Cleaning Up After Cum & Blood


Not trying to freak you out with the title! But for one reason or another, almost all of us have experienced a sexual play time that accidentally ended with cum, blood, or some other body fluid on the bed.

Cum: Some guys have Spiderman cum that seems to go everywhere. Sometimes it can feel like it would be easier to clean up superglue than a cum stain, but there’s a way! Wet wipes, wet wipes, and more wet wipes will help in the immediate removal of cum.

If the surface that the cum is on can be thrown in the washing machine or sink, put it in there as soon as possible on the warm or cold cycle. (Note: do not use hot water because higher temperatures can coagulate the cum and make it more difficult to get out of fabric fibers.) If there’s a lot of cum or it’s globby you may want to gently lift it off or lightly scrub it out before putting it in the washer. You may have to run bed sheets or duvet covers through the wash twice. Carpets and fabric couches are a little trickier. Again wet wipes can be a big help. Once you’ve gotten as much of it off as you can, run a towel or rag under cool water, add a little soap and rub the affected area. Then sponge up or dab the area with another wet towel to get up the soap and whatever left-over cum is still there.

If you get some on your nice clothes, what works well in a pinch, like when you are about to go out and don’t have a change of clothes or you’ve just had a rendezvous in a public place, is, surprise surprise: wet wipes! If you are close to a bathroom and have some time, use a little soap and water in the sink. Wet the spot, rinse out the cum as much as you can, suds it up with a little soap, and then rinse again.

Tip for guys: if you’re wearing a condom, remove it directly after you ejaculate when you still have an erection. Wrap it up in toilet paper or tie off the end so it doesn’t leak everywhere. Keep boxes of kleenex around the house to make it easier.

Blood: Sometimes you start your period off schedule, right in the middle of sex, or someone gets a cut they aren’t aware of and starts bleeding during sexy times with their partner. What do you do when this happens to you?? Once the initial shock happens and you check in with your partner to see if they are ok, you have to figure out how to get the blood out of whatever it’s on: bed, couch, comforter, clothes, etc. A great clean up trick is hydrogen peroxide. The best way to get the blood out is to pour on a generous amount of peroxide right away (before the blood has dried). You want to look for bubbles and the blood actually disappearing before your eyes. If you use too little, the blood will not come all the way out. If you are cleaning an area that is not able to be easily thrown into the washer after the peroxide, pour the peroxide onto a cloth then dab the blood stain. This little trick has been a big lifesaver over the years!

Next time you are at the drugstore pick up a bottle or two to have around the house just in case.

– Keeley & Nikita