Tips For Safe & Clean Anal Sex

No buts about it, the butt is never going to be 100% clean. Fecal matter is going to get on stuff when you have anal sex or engage in anal play, but don’t let the dirtiness ruin the fun. We want to teach you how to take some wise precautions to mitigate the spread of unwanted particles.

If you are the person who’s going to be penetrated and are very concerned about excess fecal matter, you may consider getting a colonic or using a disposable enema kit, which can be bought over-the-counter beforehand from almost any drug store. Be sure to test out the enema first, at least a few days before you want to engage in anal sex, this way you have a sense of how your body will react. Colonics and enemas are not a perfect solution, although they help many people feel cleaner and less anxious.

We always recommend using condoms for protection during anal sex, especially if you are non-monogamous or with an unfamiliar partner. Not only is the transmission of STDs during anal sex very high, the bacteria that live in your bum can get into the urethra of the penis and cause an infection. Make sure you and your partner clean yourselves thoroughly before and after. We also suggest showering before and after. This is again to prevent the spread of bacteria that naturally live in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, go pee before and afterwards to prevent getting a urinary tract infection (UTI).

For heterosexual and lesbian couples: always remember to never put your cock, fingers, or a toy in the vagina after it has been in the anus without thoroughly cleaning it because it could cause a UTI, yeast infection, or spread another type of infection. You want to be very careful to not drag any of the bacteria out of the bum towards the pussy.

Butt plugs and other toys are great fun and can aid in relaxing and opening up the anus (click here to view Babeland’s guide to choosing an anal toy). It is important to make sure all sex toys (especially toys that go in the bum) are sterilized before and after use. To do this, you can either wash them with antibacterial soap or soak them in boiling water, depending on the material they’re made of. Porous sex toys are NOT recommended for anal sex because bacteria can live inside the material. We often recommend putting a condom on all the toys that go in your bum to keep clean up easy. Ultimately, the best choices of material for anal sex toys are ones made of stainless steel and silicone. For cleaning stainless steel toys, alcohol wipes are the fastest and easiest.

Protecting your mouth from the bacteria is really easy! Rim jobs (licking the asshole) involves using a dental dam (often found at sex shops) or saran wrap (found at your local supermarket) and when fingering the asshole use rubber gloves. Gloves have been the second best invention to anal play, right behind lube. Who knows, if you whip the gloves out, you might find out that you, your partner, or both of you have a dirty doctor fantasy!

If your partner is not wearing a condom during anal sex and ejaculates inside you, do not be scared if the cum does not come out of the anal cavity for a while, sometimes it can take a few hours to fully release from your body. Also keep in mind that some cum might leak out involuntarily or you may feel the urge to go to the bathroom for quite a while afterwards (maybe do not plan a nice dinner out post-play). Having your partner wear a condom resolves this issue if it ends up being a problem for you.

Some people also find that the lube continues to leak out for a few days depending on how much lube you use and what type. For example, Keeley found Gun Oil lube was suggested as a good option for anal play, yet she found after that it was not the right fit; she could feel the lube leaking out for a couple of days after… no thanks! See our lube page to decide what lube might work best for you. Do not be afraid to try different types for anal play.

Whatever you decide on, anal play can be a positive, life changing, orgasmic, experience for many people, be patient and enjoy! For more on anal play tips, check out this post from iVillage.

– Keeley & Nikita

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