Sex 101: A Girl’s Guide To 21st Century Sex

I am surprised a documentary like A Girl’s Guide To 21st Century Sex was made – and for public television! Hosted by sexual health expert Dr. Catherine Hood, this 8 part series explores everything from orgasms, sexual orientations, sex positions, pregnant sex, obese sex, how to’s, STIs, ejaculation (male and female), the effects of illegal drugs on sex, penis size, and penis enlargement devices – see below for a full index. For the blood and surgery averse, there are 4 sections you may want to avoid: 57 to 1:01 minutes, 1:54 to 1:57 minutes, 2:33 to 2:35 minutes, and 4:22 to 4:26 minutes. Other than that, most of the material is informative, even entertaining at times. Sex expert Lou Paget had me cracking up when she talked about blow job techniques and dubbed the testicles “step-children: they belong to somebody else and often get ignored.” She gave advice about what to do with them as well as tips for oral sex on a woman (1:02 minutes). Many other researchers, doctors, and sex experts are featured, including Dr. Jennifer Berman, Raj Patel, Erin Sharkey, and Gareth Smith.

Just a head’s up, this video includes all 8 parts and is 4.5 hours long; it contains some very graphic images and scenes. Even if you have the time, it’s probably not the best idea to watch it all at once.

– Nikita


00:01:52 Female Orgasm
00:04:02 Female Ejaculation
00:07:09 Faking It
00:08:17 Oral Sex (how to give a blow job, how to eat pussy)
00:12:00 Sexual Position (Missionary)
00:13:13 Foreplay
00:16:39 Climax (also see: the arousal curve)
00:17:39 Gonorrhoea (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
00:21:13 Overweight Sex
00:24:54 Super size Model
00:26:33 Lesbianism
00:31:00 Strap Ons

00:34:30 EPISODE 2

00:35:31 Clitoris (see: female anatomy)
00:37:50 Clitoral Stimulation
00:39:05 Finding the Clitoris
00:40:39 Sexual Position (Doggie)
00:45:45 Male Ejaculation
00:46:35 Penis Enlargement & Erections (Part 1)
00:47:15 Erectile Size
00:51:53 Stretching the Penis (also see: penis size discussion)
00:52:48 Genital Warts
00:58:02 Penile Severance & Reattachment
01:01:48 Cunnilingus (Oral Sex)
01:04:18 Penis Enlargement Results (Part 2) (also see: performance enhancers)

01:07:39 EPISODE 3

01:09:25 G-Spot
01:10:36 Finding the G-Spot
01:12:19 G-Spot Amplification
01:14:00 Role Playing
01:17:18 Sexual Position
01:18:48 Erotic Massage (also see: the New School of Erotic Touch)
01:20:30 Preventing Premature Ejaculation (Squeeze Technique)
01:22:13 Chlamydia
01:27:33 Small Penis Sex (Penile Lengthening)
01:35:57 Pregnant Sex

01:41:22 EPISODE 4

01:43:18 Male Masturbation
01:48:15 Sexual Position (Reverse Cow Girl)
01:50:05 Stimulating the Anus (also see: all about prostate pleasure)
01:52:03 Peyronie’s Disease (Bent Penis)
01:56:48 Disabled Sex
02:05:13 Female Multiple Orgasm
02:07:40 Illegal Drugs
02:13:30 Artificial Enhancement (Myosin)

02:15:21 EPISODE 5

02:17:04 Tantric Sex & Male Multiple Orgasms
02:20:26 Delaying Male Orgasm
02:22:44 Female Tantric Orgasm
02:24:35 Sexual Position (Spooning)
02:26:24 Lubrication/Arousal
02:27:11 Ejaculation
02:27:30 Sleep After Sex
02:29:04 Impotence
02:32:16 Penile Implant Pump
02:36:13 Erogenous Zones
02:38:02 Syphilis
02:42:44 Anal Sex (also see: tips for safe and clean anal sex)
02:47:20 Rimming

02:49:08 EPISODE 6

02:50:50 Group Sex & Swinging
02:59:08 Sexual Position (X Position)
03:00:09 Spanking
03:04:19 Lichen Sclerosis Disease (Vulva)
03:11:57 Sex Toys (Vibrators, Anal Beads etc)
03:15:02 Bondage (Fetishism, Mummification, Sleeping Sacks)

03:22:28 EPISODE 7

03:23:40 Aphrodisiacs (Food, Drug, Scent)
03:28:00 Semen Taste
03:29:13 Sexual Position (Splitting the Cicada)(Thin Penis)
03:34:41 Genital Crabs
03:39:23 Older Age Sex (Including Full Size Dolls)
03:45:44 Reclaim Sexual Fitness
03:49:00 Sex in Public Places (Cottaging)

03:56:00 EPISODE 8

03:57:24 Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery (Labiaplasty/Designer Vaginas) (also see: The Pussy: am I normal down there?)
04:03:18 Sexual Position (Lotus Position)
04:08:22 Transsexual/Gender Re-Alignment
04:14:22 What is Semen? (& Fertility)
04:20:16 Aphrodisiacs Part 2
04:21:36 Transsexual/Gender Re-Alignment (Part 2) (Penile Removal)