Good In Bed

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If you’re into sex, self-improvement, and reading, check out Good in Bed, a site offering inexpensive eBooks addressing a variety of sexual and related health issues as well as advice and ways to improve on what’s already working. From their site, “According to CNN, over 40 million Americans are stuck in a sex rut and more than 52 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with their sex lives… Our mission is to revolutionize the way that people learn about sex. We know that it isn’t easy to walk into a bookstore and buy a book about sex, much less read one on your lunch break. That’s why all of our Good in Bed Guides are ‘blush-free’ and downloadable in an instant to your computer, smart phone or other digital device. They are private, printable and portable. And always up to date with the latest information. All of our e-Guides are written by credentialed experts who are passionate about their subjects and respected in their fields.”

A few of those experts include Ian Kerner (author of She Comes First), Patty Brisben (founder of Pure Romance), Hilda Hutcherson (gynecologist and author), and Margie Nichols (author and founder of the Institute for Personal Growth). In addition to offering eBooks, they all contribute to a blog and mini-guides, which cover a host of concerns as well as some of the latest information about sex. Another excellent resource to add to your bookmarks.

– Nikita