Kegels: You’re Doing It Wrong!


Image © Futurama

Who knew weighted balls weren’t the way to go?

According to Julia Di Paolo, a registered pelvic-floor physiotherapist interviewed in a recent article by Devon Murphy in Vice, “holding balls in the vagina is not the way the vagina works.” She teaches 13 different types of Kegels but says sex is the best way to strengthen the pelvic floor. She also suggests doing an exercise called “Blueberry.”

Blueberry is when you take a big breath in and let everything release as you squeeze. After the big breath in, I tell them to exhale and pick up an imaginary blueberry with their vagina and pull it up and into their body. So there are two components: They have to squeeze, and they have to lift… You’re not picking up pianos with your vagina—you’re picking up blueberries, so don’t squish them and make a mess. It [should be] very gentle.

She adds, “If you just sit and do Kegels all day, it’s only going to take you so far. If you want to run a marathon, you need to run a lot of miles. If you want to have a really good pelvic floor, then you need to engage your pelvic floor in other movement patterns as well. So I will check them in squats, in lunges, and bridges—all sorts of different exercises that are pelvic-floor-friendly so that we can get them to engage and get everything to coordinate again.”

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– Keeley & Nikita