Njoy Pure Plug (Size Medium)

njoy medium 1

If you’re looking to experience solid and satisfying anal play, The Njoy Pure Plug will take you there. This is the real deal. This beautifully crafted piece of sex toy art is shiny, smooth, and sexy; it’s also very easy to insert. The stainless steel finish gives the toy weight (about the same as a good sized orange) and gentle curves, so it feels substantial, yet fluid.

Of all the butt plugs out there, the pure plug is the most inviting. It’s seductive. From the presentation to the way it glistens, it’s got it goin’ on. The medium size mixed with the soft, smooth texture of the steel allows for effortless insertion, and since the stainless steel is non-porous and causes less friction, you need a lot less lube than with silicone plugs.

Another great feature of this plug is that the base has a little handle, where if your fingers are small enough, you or your partner can easy grasp and move the plug around however feels good. Many anal toys have bases that are round and flat (you can actually place them on a flat surface and they would stand up). Wide bases keep the toys from being sucked up inside your body. (Remember that our ass has no end and things can get sucked up and not easily come back down. To learn more tips and tricks about anal play, click here). The trouble with the round base is that while it keeps us from an emergency room visit, it is an awkward fit for the curvature of the butt. The folks over at Njoy realized this, and made a base that runs parallel with your crack, which is much more comfortable and ergonomic. No more uncomfortable ass cheeks.

The size of the medium pure plug would be great for a someone who likes anal play and has explored this area before, but is not so hardcore about it. Let me explain: when I received the toy from Good Vibrations, I was headed to a friend’s house for a meeting – my friend happens to be gay. When I showed him the toy, he was like “what is that?” The size was too small for him and his partner and they said it wouldn’t be of any interest for them in the bedroom. For me, it was just perfect although I would be interested in exploring the larger size if that happens to show up in my life. The only way Njoy could make their toys more appealing is if they let you put a customized inscription on them.

njoy medium 2

Exact measurements of the plugs:

Small: 2 1/4″ insertable length x 1″ at widest point (6 cm insertable x 2.5 cm widest point)

Medium: 2 1/2″ insertable length x 1 1/4″ at widest point (6.5 cm insertable x 3.2 cm widest point)

Large: 2 3/4″ insertable length x 1 1/2″ at widest point (7 cm insertable x 3.8 cm widest point)

You will not be dissatisfied with your investment in this plug. I would even venture to say that because of the easy insertion of the stainless steel as well as easy clean up, beginners would have a rousing good time. If you are concerned about the price of these toys, think of all the cost you will be saving in lube 🙂 Also, this toy will last you a lifetime (because it is made of steel) and you will be happy it does. In a previous post, we shared more about why we love Njoy toys over here at BetterSexEd, to learn more about the them, click here.

Happy Playing.

– Keeley

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