Crazed Fruit: Vintage Erotica From Japan

crazed fruit cover

I love old movies. Even when – especially – when it comes to erotica. I find the plots (and the fact that there are plots) much more interesting than what’s out there today.

Ko Nakahira’s Crazed Fruit takes place during summertime in the 1950s on a beach, where two brothers fall for the same pretty girl, a girl who we never really get to understand. That, of course, is part of the mystery, and the intrigue. There’s a healthy dose of revenge at the end of the film too. Not much nudity – this was the 50s – but it is a sensual film nonetheless.

Overall, the film bears resemblance to The Dreamers, starring Eva Green. This is an “I love it” or an “I don’t get it” movie. Some modern reviewers said it was boring – and for the Michael Bay-going crowd it probably will be. For the more thoughtful crowd it will be an interesting movie with subtle layers.

Buy Crazed Fruit here, or get it on Netflix.

– Nikita