The Benefits Of Deep Breathing During Sex

I encourage almost all of my clients to breathe more deeply. This video shows us how the body responds to breath; the more active and full the breath, the more movement and circulation in the body. Your body can prosper from deep breathing during your everyday functioning, such as release of toxins, improved digestion, and strengthened lung capacity, however, during sex, breath can completely change your experience because it brings more awareness of sensation in the body. To learn more about how to get started with erotic breath, click here.

A great 5 to 10 minute exercise to incorporate into your daily routine is doing yogic “belly breathing” – breathing in and out through the nose, and counting to 5 with each inhale and exhale. When you exhale, pull your abdomen in to make sure you get all the air fully out before inhaling again. If it’s comfortable, try pausing for a couple seconds between every new breath. You can do this on the way to work, just before bed, prior to sex, or whenever is a good time.

– Keeley

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