Women: Increasing Sensation With Healing Vaginal/Pelvic Massage

In this video, K. Ruby from The New School of Erotic Touch explains how to give a woman a vaginal massage. The purpose of the massage is to release tension and bring awareness to different parts of a woman’s internal space, which often results in feelings of relaxation and healing as well as increased sensations.

To sum up, after the woman that will be receiving the massage feels safe and comfortable, the person giving the massage will:

– Think of the vagina like a clock in the way that there are 12 points that go around the inside of the vagina. Feel free to check in with your partner while the massage is happening and ask them about what they are feeling.

– First, touch just around the vaginal opening, starting at 12 o’clock and going to 1 o’clock then 2 o’clock and so on, holding each point for at least a minute. When you get to 6 o’clock, you can switch hands if that helps to get a better angle.

– Once you’re back at 12 o’clock on the vaginal opening, insert a finger approximately 1 joint in and go around the 12 points. If you switch hands at 6 o’clock, remember to pull out your finger gently and in a fluid motion (as opposed to turning or twisting your finger on the way out).

– Next, you’ll move your finger deeper inside so it is approximately 2 joints in. Go through the 12 points.

– Finally, you’ll move your finger further inward so it is 3 joints – or all the way – inside. Go through the 12 points. All in all, the massage has 4 rounds and will take a minimum of 48 minutes.

Though outcomes will no doubt vary from person to person, it is awesome to give and receive a massage like this! Some women might not feel a whole lot of sensation at first while others will feel very aroused or notice increased sensation and pleasure during sex later on. The best thing about this massage is that it can be paused, extended, or repeated as often as desired.

– Keeley & Nikita