Get In Your Body First Thing In The Morning

Don’t wait till sex shows up to find pleasure in your day. You can be in your pleasure all day. One way to do this is to get into your body and find your pleasure first thing in the morning.

One thing that I love and have found incredibly useful to find and connect with my own pleasure in my life is yoga. Yoga is not for everyone, in fact, Nikita is not a huge fan of Yoga (she loves running) – which is fine. What yoga or any exercise does is put us into our bodies. Sex is an activity that you need your body for, so first and foremost, learning to be in your body and spending good quality time there is important. Good quality time would be non-judgmental, connected, open and aware of what is happening.

With the busyness of daily life, sometimes it can be hard to make it into workout classes, especially in the morning. I wanted to share with you a YouTube channel that I love. Donna is out of Perth, Australia and teaches a great 30 minutes class, which you can watch below:

– Keeley



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