Diet & Libido: Eating Right For A Better Sex Life


You know when you eat something that your body doesn’t agree with. Your energy dips, you feel bloated and grumpy, mental fog descends, you might get acid reflux, and… oh yeah, your libido disappears.

On the other hand, when you consistently give your body the kind of fuel it needs, it becomes a place you want to be. When you are in harmony with your body (as opposed to feeling trapped inside it) you’ll have more access to your erotic energy. Treating your body right does not necessarily mean additional or stronger orgasms, it’s that you feel your sexual energy more readily. This translates into being more present during sex, with a greater focus on what is happening rather than trying to ignore your body’s discomfort or positioning yourself to avoid unflattering angles. Sex also feels better because your body is not struggling to heal itself. Instead your body can go right to generating pleasure.

Everywhere we go there are tempting foods that nourish the taste buds but not the body. As a society we have gone overboard on junk food! Some people have even developed food sensitivities or allergies later in life because they have over consumed particular ingredients and their bodies can no longer tolerate those things. For example, gluten is something that more and more people are developing a sensitivity to.

Most of us would be better off not eating or drinking  a few of things that we do on a regular basis. But how do you know what to let go of?

Everyone has their own way of figuring out the diet that is best for them (the willpower to turn it into a lifestyle choice is another story), but if you want a sure-fire method for figuring out the things your body does not do well with, try an elimination diet. One of the simplest forms of this diet is to start with a handful of foods – such as rice, turkey, and pears – and after a week or so, add in one food at a time and see how your body reacts to it.

The best book I have found for guiding this process is Food Allergies and Food Intolerance, by Jonathan Brostoff and Linda Gamlin.  They suggest different stages of elimination diets based on your symptoms – not everyone will need to go to the extreme of starting with 3 foods. However, maybe that is something you want to try. What happens when you just eat a few simple foods is incredible. Many people find that their energy levels start picking up, their eyes and skin become clearer, their stomach becomes less bloated, their thoughts become sharper, they wake up feeling good, and they feel sexier. Some people even say they smell better. Consequently, their libido goes up.

Once you know how good it feels to eat foods that nourish your body, it becomes difficult to eat the stuff that didn’t sit so well before. It may take a little time to get used to the new foods and let go of the old ones, and some underlying emotional issues might have to be addressed in the process of letting those old foods go. But it can be done. And it’s definitely worth it. You will be happier and healthier, your partners will be appreciative, and you will probably have a better sex life, too.

– Nikita

Another word of advice: slow down when you chew food. People digest things better when the food has been chewed into tiny pieces, or better yet, a mash. When you wolf things down without hardly chewing (or breathing) you are overburdening your stomach, which means undigested food stagnates in the intestines, resulting in gas and bloating. Something that helps the body digest and derive nutrients from food is hydrochloric acid (HCL). As people age, their body starts to naturally produce less HCL, and many people find it helpful to take one or two tablets, especially after big meals.


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