All About Prostate Pleasure

In this set of videos, Chris from Pleasure Mechanics interviews Aislinn Emirzian, co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure, about what the prostate is and how men can receive pleasure from prostate massage.

What is the prostate?

In the image below you can see that the prostate is about the size of a walnut and is located just below the bladder and above the root of the penis. It is reached via the rectum (i.e. asshole).


To give a prostate massage, the receiver of the prostate massage should take a bath or shower, and the giver should prepare by wearing a tight-fitting latex glove with plenty of water-based lube. A comfortable position for the receiver is usually to recline backwards or lay on their back or stomach. The giver may want to stand beside or kneel in front of the receiver. After the receiver is relaxed the giver should gently lubricate the receiver’s anus in a circular motion. Typically a single finger is used to massage the prostate. Don’t force the finger into the anus, give the receiver time to get used to the sensation by slowly adding pressure with the finger. Eventually the anus will relax enough so that the finger slips in. Once inside, do not use jerky movements or move the finger in and out of the anus unless the receiver finds it arousing. Slowly move the finger upwards towards the belly; the prostate will be about two inches in and will feel like a a round protrusion. Stroke the prostate gently with your finger, and vary the pressure according to the receiver’s preferences. The receiver can then masturbate to orgasm if they wish.

General benefits of prostate massage:

Health benefits of prostate massage:

What a prostate orgasm feels like:

Prostate masturbation:

The Aneros (the toy that Aislinn mentioned) can be found here.

Prostate milking vs. prostate massage:

How to increase prostate arousal:

What do women get out of giving prostate pleasure:

– Keeley & Nikita

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