Workshop: An Introduction To Sex As Meditation – How To Turn Sex Into A Mindfulness Practice

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Keeley and H.R. Bremner, MSW, Licensed Somatica® Practitioner, will be running the upcoming workshop, An Introduction to Sex as Meditation – How to turn sex into a mindfulness practice. Classes are October 18th, from 1 – 4 pm (RSVP here for this date) and October 26th, from 2 -5 pm (RSVP here for this date) in the Community Miracles Center in San Francisco. The cost is $60.

In the workshop, we will explore:
– How we feel and connect with our bodies
– Our relationships with our passion and desire
– What stands in the way of getting everything we want from our sex lives
– How to let in the intimacy, love and desire that are already present
– How to live our lives more fully, creatively, and openly

As humans, sexuality is our most intimate and vulnerable aspect. When we open to intimacy and vulnerability, especially in sex, we can feel what is true for us at our core and come to realize that we are our own best teachers. Knowing this, helps us break the bonds of social norms and establish a relationship with what we know is best. When we engage with mindfulness in sex, we are able to contact our vulnerability and be more intimate. This is how sex can help us in other areas of our life.

If you have been curious about meditation and mindfulness and how this can apply to your self expression, your relationships, and your sex life, please join us. This introductory workshop does not include any nudity or explicit sexuality. People of all genders and sexualities are welcome. You can come along or bring your partner.

Feedback from the class:
“HR and Keeley are wonderful facilitators. They provided a very safe and easeful environment to explore a sensitive subject such as sexuality. I enjoyed the workshop very much and would recommend anyone who wants to explore connecting with their body.”

“Keeley and HR are a great team in delivering a comprehensive, stimulating, educational and transformative healing experience in a very safe, responsible, fun and nurturing way!”

“Thank you for this amazing experience, it had a very deep impact on me to be in such beautiful and diverse group. The most poignant part for me was the sharing with ‘your desire is welcome here.’ This touched me deeply to feel that I was seen and welcomed as a sexual being.”

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