Naughty & Playful Gift Ideas

The holiday season is approaching, and we came up with a variety of fun gift ideas that you may consider when shopping for your naughty (or nice) partner:

Good Vibrations gift card: Let them choose what they want, or better yet, get each other gift cards and make the rule that you have to get something for the other person. Cost: $5+

Mistletoe: Everyone knows what to do when they find themselves below the mistletoe. Bring some playfulness to your next holiday party by hanging some above a doorway. It is available on amazon for $10 if you can’t find the real thing locally.

A naughty spin on the advent calendar: most folks remember the advent calendar from when they were kids. We have a new spin for the month of December. Buy a cheap advent calendar and remove all the little toys or candies. Take sexy pictures of yourself and get them printed the same size as the little pockets in the calendar. Each day your partner will get a lovely surprise of a photo you took just for them.

Some calendars have little trees of places to put the items that come out of the pockets. If yours has that, make sure to hang little strings off the photos so your partner can hang you up each day.

Possible sexy photo ideas: sexy lingerie, fully nude, partial nude- blanket, towel, piece of clothing, outdoors- gardening, watering, in the rain/sun, with a mirror, using sex toys on yourself, playing with food/cooking, doing house chores. This is one you want to hide from the kids. Cost: $10+advent calendar

Erotic magnetic poetry: No one can resist moving little magnets around on the fridge. Now you can kinkify it by leaving each other dirty love notes. A 200-word set is $10 on amazon. There’s also little boxes of passion, smut, and sin to compliment your collection.

erotic magnetic poetry

Fantasize about fucking someone you “don’t” know: Channel your inner “Clive Bixby.” Get yourself all ready and out of the house before your partner arrives home. Leave a note to your partner of where you are and say your name for the night (something other than what it is) and that you are waiting for them. Go to the bar (coffee shop, library, really any public space) and when your partner starts to talk to you stay in character. It is important to stay in character for this. Let yourself flirt and see how long till someone suggests going home. Cost: as little as one drink as much as dinner and a hotel room

Butt plug:  Butt plugs are a great toy to use during any type of play. Whether your partner has a cock or a pussy, you can put the toy in and let it be. You can touch, make out, lick, kiss, and fuck while the toy is in. If you are using the toy in masturbation, it is great because you can just leave it in and pleasure yourself in a multitude of ways.

Butt plugs are a great alternative to the in-and-out motion of anal penetration that can sometimes feel overwhelming because you can simultaneously have the feeling of being filled up, without the intensity of friction. Some of our favorites are:

  • Casanova Silicone Anal Toy: great for beginners or someone who likes a slower drawn-out experience. As you can see from the photos, the toy has multiple areas where it gets larger, then smaller; stretching you, then coming back in. The size of the larger areas are quite small and therefore good for the beginner. This plug can be left in, or moved in and out at your discretion. Cost: $20
  • Sidekick Silicone Anal Plug: the size is probably too large for a beginner yet the size is what others may find appealing. It is large enough that you will know it is there, but not too large that it is distracting. It has a nice big base that feels secure so you do not have to worry about losing it. Cost: $22
  • Njoy Stainless Steel Pure Plug: a much greater financial investment, however, if you are into anal plugs, you will be very pleased with this little gem. We wrote a piece about the Njoy toys describing in greater detail about the benefits and pleasures of stainless steel. The size of this toy is great for a more experienced person. The weight also creates an amazing sensation of fullness. Cost: $84

Vintage pin up girl playing card set: This is the perfect gift for someone that loves the pin ups of the 40s and 50s. A full deck costs anywhere from $40-$100 on etsy or ebay, but you can also get individual cards for $1 to $10 each. If you know the cards won’t get used for their original purpose, put your favorites in a frame so they can be admired.

pin up playing cards

Agent Provocateur blindfold: Every couple can find an interesting activity to do that involves one or both partners having to rely on their other senses. Agent Provocateur has some of the sexiest eyemasks and blindfolds made from different materials, ranging from $70-$900. They also have nipple pasties, whips and paddles, cuffsamazing lingerie, and an erotic game of charades.
agent provocateur mask

Sex swing: We are big fans of sex swings. You really don’t know what you’re missing till you try one! They can help make sex easier, longer-lasting, and much more pleasurable because one partner is standing while the other is strapped in a certain way and at a specific height. There are so many different sex swings out there; we recommend visiting a higher end sex shop that has higher quality varieties that you can test out (fully clothed of course) to see which one you find most comfortable and appropriate for your needs. Cost: $90+

Liberators: Essentially these are expensive pillows… but they work. Like the sex swing, liberator furniture makes certain positions easier as well as more intimate and pleasurable. Cost: $90 for the wedge and $170 for the ramp.

Hotel room for the night: Haven’t had the time or space to test out those new sex toys or role playing scene you’ve been fantasizing about? Treat yourself and your partner(s) to the privacy and creative potential of a luxurious hotel room. Cost: $300+

– Keeley & Nikita