Help! Attack of the UTI

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It has been years since I have experienced a UTI (thankfully) but the other evening I realized one might be coming on. For most people that have had a UTI before, you know the symptoms well. The uncomfortable bloating, the feeling like you always have to pee, progressively worse burning when you do. It sucks! There are other symptoms for UTIs but they are normally referred to as “complicated UTI symptoms,” such as significant pain in the abdomen or in the lower sides of the back, a temperature of 100.4 degrees or more, and nausea with significant vomiting – these are not the typical symptoms of a UTI. The majority of people get an uncomplicated UTI. A very small amount of people get minimal symptoms.

The major pain in the butt is that you typically need or want (because of the discomfort) treatment as quickly as possible. Getting this treatment means going to your doctor and getting a test and then coming back for a prescription for antibiotics.

This time, I decided to try something new and more convenient. Enter Treat My UTI. Treat My UTI is an online company that can, in most cases, help you diagnose and effectively deal with your UTI. On their site they state:

Conventional UTI diagnosis and treatment involves going to a doctor’s office for a visit with a urinalysis and possibly, a urine culture. Numerous well-respected studies have proven that a UTI can be diagnosed and appropriately treated by simply by answering a few targeted questions about your symptoms and your relevant medical history. Either approach will allow the correct diagnosis and treatment 95% of the time. By completing our on-line questionnaire, you will be well on your way to being diagnosed, and if indicated, provided antibiotic treatment for your UTI.

It is a bit expensive and they do not accept insurance. Although, I imagine, depending on your insurance provider, you could probably submit your claim.

For $56 they will call your pharmacy and phone in a prescription.

All I have to say is thank you Treat My UTI, you are saving my day!

– Keeley


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