Mr. S Leather: Flog Review

Mr S deer flog

A while ago I purchased a buffalo leather flog from Mr. S Leather in San Francisco. I’m always impressed by their leather products, everything they make there in the shop is beautifully constructed with top quality materials, and this flog was no exception. Most flogs, when you pick them up, don’t have much weight to them, their flogs, however, have something to say. They are not for the faint of heart.

Before using this flog with my partner, I thought I had an average tolerance for pain; I’d never really had a gauge for it. But it turns out I have an above average pain tolerance, so I called the store to find out what the next step up would be. The rep on the phone recommended bull leather, as it was heavier and sharper than the buffalo. He added that the top can always hit harder too – check! On their site they list some of the different types of leather used in their flogs:

  • Elk
    Supple and fine-grained hides are hand-chosen from hundreds of Scandinavian farm-raised hides, and make the most scrumptious floggers known to mankind. Elk gives a very thuddy, 99% sting-free sensation.
  • Bull
    Bull hide is a thuddy leather, with a nice bite to the edge of the tails. Heavier than other leathers like bison. You can maximize your blows with this one. We choose only the nicest, finely-grained hides, with lots of suppleness to them.
  • Cow
    This is a good all-around flogger. It is slappy, lightly thuddy, and great to use throughout a whole scene! Perfect for beginners, inexperienced tops, and sensitive bottoms or subs. Makes a loud smacking noise.
  • Deer
    Deer is a lightweight leather perfect for warm ups, cool downs, sensitive bottoms, and beginners. Deer gently caresses tender areas, too!

To see the different grains, and to purchase a Mr. S flog, click here (just a head’s up, the first pictures you’ll see are of naked guys). The handles are about 9 inches long, and the tails are 18 inches long. The tails on the buffalo flog were 20 inches. If you have any questions, give their staff a call, they are very knowledgeable! Also, they don’t list everything they have in the store on their site, so be sure to ask about other products if you want something similar to what you see.

Here’s a close up of the tails:

Mr S buffalo flog detail