BetterSexEd YouTube channel intro

Hello everyone! We are excited to announce the start of our YouTube channel, BetterSexEdOrg. Join us as we discuss sex, relationships, communication, and pleasure.

Fun, sexy, taboo
On our channel, we have plans to explore all sorts of fun, sexy and taboo topics around sex and relationships. You’ll gain knowledge and tools you didn’t know you needed. 
Open dialog
It is rare that people have honest open conversations these days. By not talking candidly about sex and biology as a culture, we have created a wave of people who have a difficult time in the bedroom. Our intention is to help people get out of this stagnant place and into pleasure. We want to encourage you to think more deeply about these topics and expose you to ideas that you may not have considered. 
Let’s talk about sex!
By discussing sex gracefully, with love and no shame, our channel will help you grow your intimate vocabulary, mind and help you have a better relationship and sex life.
We hope you’ll tune in. 

– Keely & Nikita

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