Reintroduction – A Sexual Encounter

One of our readers who would like to go by the name of Rudolph Valentino sent us this sexy story. Enjoy!

When I first met her she was a Doctor finishing her fourth year of residency, and me… I just worked there. I thought she was gorgeous. Attractive, petite, short, with glasses… fuck… I don’t know what it is about intelligent women who wear glasses. I’ve always had a thing for them. My interactions with her were usually brief; I was more of an observer and admirer from afar. Well, we both sported wedding rings at the time, so that had something to do with it. I also didn’t view myself to be on her level. I moved away and forgot all about her.

Fast forward 10 years.

I moved back to my old stomping grounds, returning for a bit of nostalgia… I tend to do this often in different areas that I once lived and worked… in this particular case, I didn’t return looking for anyone in particular. A decade is a long time to have an expectation of seeing the same people, especially in my line of work.

Somehow, I run into her. I’m surprised, mainly because she wasn’t someone that I talked to back then, I was just a casual admirer. But, it was really nice to see her. She was still attractive, petite, short, with glasses… and this time, neither of us sported wedding bands. As she walked by me, not recognizing me, I called her name…”Dr…..”  She turned, still not recognizing me, maybe assuming I was a patient. I offered my hand to shake hers, and she offered hers a bit hesitantly and still curious…

”Hey, it’s great to see you, you’re probably wondering who the hell I am, but I used to work here about 10 years ago when you were still a resident.” She attempted to recollect. This caused her to lower her suspicions, and we began to walk. I mentioned some of our infamous patients from during that time. Patients whose names would be remembered forever, and it was then, that she somewhat remembered me.

I was surprised at how friendly and open she was. It was refreshing! Without going into long details, we ended up meeting each other for… a date, kinda… more like hanging out at a place that I’d never been. It was nice, relaxing, quaint. She told me about the last 10 years of her life, her divorce, her current younger boyfriend, I tell her about my last 10 years… I was single. There is no judgment that she had a boyfriend. I figured, today… anything goes.

Today, I am no longer the same guy who has this idealist view of women. I understand women very well because I’m able to decipher what isn’t spoken between men and women. I had spent the last 10 years studying and now have a Doctorate in “Women’s Studies.” Now I am able to see through my own idealizations of women, to understand what is taking place in real time. We were both checking each other out… we were curious, interested. This one meeting, spawned several more… I knew what I was doing. I only wanted to plant seeds… first I wanted to capture her mind… to be in her thoughts. Not too much… not everyday… randomly.

With each meeting, I could tell that she wanted more. I did as well, but it was more important that I allow her the necessary time that she needed, to be curious about me. Moving too quick would have killed what I was cooking. It was clear that comfort set in, in her relationship… and she was in need of the mental stimulation that many men often don’t take the time to establish. I’m older now… my hormones are still wild, but, I’m seasoned. I don’t have to have you today. There is no rush. Little doses of eye contact. An occasional smile. Purposely allowing her to catch me checking her out. A subtle but purposeful touch. This is all being orchestrated.

One day, for no particular reason… I’m driving near her place of work. Curiosity takes over. I wonder if I’ve been successful at my endeavors. I text her to ask what she is doing. She replies back right away, to tell me that she has about an hour between her next patient so she was using the time to get caught up on patient notes. “I’m only 5 minutes away,” I reply back. She asks if I want to stop by. I knock on her office door, she answers blushing, but speaking loudly enough to give the perception of professionalism. Her desk is right next to an open window. She’s wearing a blouse and skirt. Very professional attire. I sit silently… just looking at her squirm with anxiety. She’s making the usual small talk, but I’m just lustfully looking at her.

“Open your legs for me.” She opens her legs with no question. My teeth sink into my bottom lip, “I want to see your pretty pussy.”  Like a good girl, she slides her panties to the side for my viewing pleasure. Then I get up and walk over to her… left hand first grabbing and pulling her hair back, exposing her neck, right hand sliding inside her panties to be met by her engorged clit and wet lips. I bite her neck, then slide two fingers inside her as I kiss the same spot I bit… “This is what you need.”

I bring my fingers up to have her taste her juices, followed by me tasting her mouth. “You taste amazing, give me your panties”… she slides her panties off, balls them up in a wad and hands them to me. I pull her hair exposing her neck again, and tell her…”These are mine,” as I placed the wad of wet panties in my pocket. With her hair still gripped in my hand, I point in between her legs and tell her…”That’s mine, I’ll see you later.”

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