How To Share Your Sexual Fantasies With Your Partner – BetterSexEd Episode 2

Sexual fantasies… we’ve all got them! Yet, just because we all have fantasies doesn’t make it easy to talk about them with a partner.

One of the reasons we seldom talk about fantasies is because they are often taboo and irrational in nature. They are difficult to understand and makes sense of, which makes the “why” around what we find arousing about them hard to explain to others. When we are able to share and discuss what turns us on deep down, however, it can bring us closer to our partners. It can also add another layer of intimacy to the relationship, deepen our appreciation for our partner, and even lead to sexy adventures!

Join us as we discuss different approaches to sharing your fantasies with your partner and helping them feel comfortable sharing theirs.

– Keeley & Nikita

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