The Erotic Art Of Veronica Blanco


We recently encountered Veronica Blanco’s erotic paintings. Veronica is a Toronto-based visual artist concentrating in painting and drawing. Her work is passionately personal, a visual examination of love and relationships. She says she is inspired by personal moments as well as the people around her, and her paintings explore her observations of the intimacy, passion, and struggles between couples. She’s intrigued by the power of the human figure to allure us and the messages found in body language. We enjoyed the sensuality in her paintings and asked her a few questions:

What inspires your artwork?
I’m mainly inspired from personal moments, the people around me, and films. Whichever moment or embrace that interests me, I try my best to depict with paint. I don’t necessarily paint myself in the pieces but instead the figures in my paintings are a representation of all couples. It could be you and your lover or your friends or a couple on the street. I paint them without any facial characteristics in order to keep the Jane Doe and John Doe representation alive.


What role does tantra play in your artwork?

Many people have approached me saying my work has reminded them of tantra play. It’s interesting because only recently have I been looking into it. I do see the link, my work heavily deals around connection and intimacy. I paint tender and slow moments between couples where the figures in my paintings dissolve into each other.

Te Amo

Are there any trends you notice about viewer’s reactions to your paintings?

I do need to be careful about where I display my artwork. Earlier in my career, my paintings had to be taken down from display just after a day it was up. Some people were offended by my artwork and deemed it too explicit. Any painting where it looked like “something was about to happen” had to be removed. Out of the 13 paintings that were up, a total of 11 were taken down. What I paint is only natural and beautiful, our bodies are gorgeous, they are a work of art in itself and we should not be ashamed of them. I was only expressing myself and was looking forward to displaying what I was working on for weeks. Although I was disappointed to have them taken down, I was also amazed that people were so offended by my art that they asked to take it down. It’s rewarding to have my art evoke such a strong reaction, whether positive or negative. I believe that any good artwork is one that evokes emotion.


Do you think art (either making it or having a sexy painting around) can improve people’s sex lives? What feedback have buyers of your work given you?

As I’ve been told by my clients, my paintings have brought a sense of tenderness and tantric energy into their homes. Many people have decided to hang my artwork above the bed. The people who have bought my work are always ones who strongly relate to the piece. I’ve repeatedly been told that my piece reminds them of a moment they share with their partner or that my painting even reminds them of a song. This is always rewarding to hear because I do want everyone to see themselves in my work.

We hope you enjoy her paintings as much as we did!

– Nikita & Keeley