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Amy Schlaifer, MDAmy Schlaifer

Dr. Schlaifer is a urologic surgeon from Prescott, Arizona. She trained at Loma Linda University Medical Center where she was awarded for her research contributions in prostate cancer and female urology. Her training allows her to provide a wide array of surgical skill including female and male reconstruction as well as low dose radiation stone treatment. Learn more about Dr. Schlaifer here.


Sarah Winer headshot

Sarah Winer

Where was BetterSexEd earlier in my life? It’s such a wonderful resource! I love contributing and am honored to do so because it gives me a chance to hear other people’s stories and to share my own. It turns out, we’re all way more normal than we think and there’s no such thing as “right,” “wrong,” or “should” when it comes to sex, sexuality, and preference. It’s great that we have a safe and informative forum here to talk with one another, share, and learn.

In my own life, I am fascinated by group sex culture, enjoy facilitating interactions with open couples, and love talking with people about their fears and feelings surrounding non monogamy. I have a BA in Spanish and Environmental Science from Drew University in Madison, NJ and will be entering the Museum Studies/MBA master’s degree program in fall of 2014 at John F Kennedy University in Berkeley, CA.

In addition, I am also grammar-obsessed, so the combination of editing articles about sex is just about as good as it gets for me!


Belle photoBelle Barbé

Growing up in the tolerant and open environment that Amsterdam is associated with, I have an open mind towards sex and sexuality. Witnessing the birth of my brother at the age of six really amplified my interest on the topic of sexuality. Throughout high school and college I kept my fascination and took as many opportunities to learn. Internships at the World Population Foundation, volunteer work for CHOICE – an organization for youth and sexuality, and working in a condom speciality shop have added to my knowledge about sexuality and gave me a very positive attitude toward this.

Recently, I left my hometown to study in San Francisco for the infamous minor in sexuality studies at the San Francisco State University. The combination of my background in child rearing and sexuality studies makes me knowledgeable on children’s sexuality especially. When I heard about BetterSexEd, I got really enthusiastic about writing articles. Hopefully my European perspective will add to the interesting articles already available on this great website.